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Ben Folk

Senior VP Sales

+1 (206) 724-5841

We can help. Let's talk!


Make your IASA virtual booth dynamic.

Bring your tours to life with top notch video.

+1 (206) 724-5841

IASA has partnered with Richter to bring you video production services tailored specifically to your virtual booth. With special discounted rates only available to IASA members, it's time to take your tours to the next level.

Why companies choose Richter.

We've produced thousands of effective videos and solutions for clients all over the world, from innovative start-ups to the biggest and best companies on Earth.

What our clients say.

“Super impressed with the process you guys have in place from start to finish.”

"My boss said, "I LOVE the video." He never uses that word and hardly ever uses all caps, so that tells you something."

"I am VERY happy with the results and my colleagues are equally pleased with the outcome."

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