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Let's get to work!

Step 1: Orientation

Our program could not be more simple: Richter offers video production to you at a special, reduced rate and in turn, you are able to offer world-class video to your existing client base immediately, with no overhead.

Richter is not just another video shop and our value proposition is much more than just good looking video. For this reason, we’ve created a short training PDF that will walk you through the specifics of being a partner, including what we’ve found to be the most successful ways to sell Richter video specifically.


Please click the image on the right to download our short training PDF.

Step 2: Assets

Next, you'll need a few simple assets to get started:

1. Proposals

We will provide you with two proposals, one for motion graphics (simple animation) videos and another for live shoot videos, branded with your company logo and colors.

These proposals cover every aspect of video production and should not be altered other than to update the addressee on the first page, and the specifics of how many videos of what length are being sold on the final page.


Please click the image on the right to view an example proposal.

2. Landing Page

It’s helpful to your sales and marketing process to have a place online where potential video clients can get more information. For this purpose, we’ve created a landing page, featuring a series of four videos that walk a prospect through the sales process:

Should you choose, we would be happy to create a version of this page at a custom URL, branded for your company. This would include a small monthly fee that goes directly to the hosting service the page is created on.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once you're oriented and you have your assets in place, you're ready to start selling video. Please know that our entire team is here to help every step of the way!
You'll be signed up to receive our weekly partner newsletter, which will feature sales and marketing tips, a video of the week, and a recommended promotional email you can send out to your client list.
Questions or concerns? Reach out anytime! Your success is our success.

Wil Seabrook

Co-Founder & Chief Creative

Skype: richter10point2

Spencer Barnes

Qualifications Director

Skype: spenceatrichter

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