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Pricing & Details

We've designed our pricing and process to be simple, so you can rest easy knowing yo're getting good value and your project will go off without a hitch.


Our pricing is based on the length of your video, and includes script writing, voiceover recording and animation of your project. If you choose to create a whiteboard style video, the illustrator is included at no additional charge.


Each project goes through an exact sequence: script writing, voiceover recording, illustration (if applicable), and animation. Each step is completed fully and approved before moving on to the next step. 

For script writing, illustrations and animation, you will have two full rounds of feedback/edits to ensure you are very happy. A “round” of edits is defined as Richter submitting a draft for feedback, the client reviewing and responding with requested changes, and all changes being made as requested. The voiceover is recorded immediately after the script is approved. It is not submitted by itself for review, and does not include any rounds of edits.


Additional rounds of edits for any stage of production will be billed at $200 each, due before the edit is made. Going back later to make changes/edits to earlier approved steps would incur a $200 fee for each edit requested. Correcting errors or omissions made by the Richter team will not incur any fees.

These fees are not intended to be profitable for Richter, only to cover the basic costs involved in the additional creative work needed to make the extra edits.


Richter offers custom services unique to the needs of each client. If a client is not satisfied with a product, Richter will do everything possible to correct any problems and deliver a product the client is happy with. As with custom services in other businesses and industries, the service is non-refundable.

“Super impressed with the process you guys have in place from start to finish.”

"My boss said, "I LOVE the video." He never uses that word and hardly ever uses all caps, so that tells you something."

"I am VERY happy with the results and my colleagues are equally pleased with the outcome."


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