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A comprehensive strategy

This summer, Richter is proud to offer an ideal series of four videos that work seamlessly together to sell your product or service - all at our biggest discount ever.


Special Sale

Video 1: Overview

This video succinctly communicates your exact value proposition in a way that engages your target audience specifically. It describes the problems and challenges they’re currently facing and then briefly explains how your product or service provides an ideal solution.

Regular Price: $5,500

Video 2: Common Objections

By specifically acknowledging each common concern your prospects raise and offering a tailored solution for each one, you can then move the sale forward to the final closing stages knowing that you’ve handled the prospect’s objections thoroughly.

Regular Price: $5,500

Video 3: Our Process/Getting Started

This video will clearly ask your prospect for their business and help them feel comfortable about making a decision and moving forward. It also explains what happens as soon as the sale is concluded, keeping the momentum and moving them beyond the sale.

Regular Price: $5,500

Video 4: Live Shoot Testimonial

We’ll fly our world-class videographer to your customer’s location and tell the story of how your product or service made a measurable impact on their business. It’s a testimonial and case study in one. Nothing helps sell like a word of mouth referral. This is that on steroids.

Regular Price: $15,000




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