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Through creating thousands of videos for clients all over the world, we have streamlined the video production process into it's essential parts, meaning you'll be consulted and informed, but never overwhelmed. Working with the Richter team has to be experienced to be believed.

Cartoon & Whiteboard
Custom 3D

Our Process

Effective scripts, professional yet conversational voiceover and beautiful visuals are the hallmarks of every Richter video. Using these three elements, our team specialized in conveying your concepts perfectly for your target public.

Custom Animation

If you're wondering whether Richter can create a particular style of video, the answer is yes. One such examples is whiteboard style videos, created by our team of hand picked illustrators to bring your message to life, all at no additional cost over animated videos.

Cartoon & Whiteboard

For some messages, there is truly no comparison to speaking directly to your target public. When you work with us on a live shoot video, we'll help you craft the perfect message, shoot on location, edit the footage and add animation to craft something truly special.

Live Shoot

If you want to truly wow your audience, then our custom 3D animation is the way to do it. Whether you need perfectly accurate animation of your products from CAD files, or simply want the very best animation available, we can help.

Custom 3D

Video Examples

Our Process
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