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Life Moxie


Whiteboard Animation



THE result


"Working with Richter was one of the best experiences I've had with a marketing firm. The team is masterful at passing the baton from one expert to the next. 

I worked with a fabulous copywriter who helped me craft my message. I then received TLC from the production coordinator who ensured my script had the best voiceover. I then worked with a masterful illustrator who captured the vision I wanted to communicate my message. I then worked with a fabulous animator who put the frosting on it all. Richter's response time is phenomenal. 


Their attention to detail is unmatched. And the expectations they set are crystal clear at every step. And the final product just continues to wow me and my team! 


It has been nothing but an excellent experience from beginning (thank you Simon, Jessica, Toby, and Brittany)."


Ann - Life Moxie

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